A Realization of what was obvious


The current political environment as it stands has me realize the fragility of society and that all current hierarchies besides that of skill are societal constructs that really don't exist in any meaningful way other than self validating within its own system. Political power does not exist as the government (and politics that revolve around it) are highly illegitimate. Even the game of politics does not exist anymore due to the fact of violence has proven to be the much more effective and consequential option when it comes to dealing with issues (See our current riots). Whats worse is that nothing I am currently working for truly exists in any meaningful way. All efforts I'm putting into "education" or surrogate activities are highly abstract as they merely give me a higher number within a system that will either collapse or that I will leave or further a more primal goal of mine (that of conquering something, socialization, appraisal, or something else more rooted in humans). This then moves then into an obvious solution: if I do want a successful, quality life where I am the leader of it, I must forge my own path and maybe eventually own my own community or society of like-minded, hard working people, big or small. This as of current is an impossibility due to the lack of resources to mobilize, peacefully or not, and the lack of said people willing to abandon their lives to join an idea. Something must be obtained first to leave, you must play the system's game to get out of it (at least for some time), and even once you leave it will pester you, it will harm you and those you are care for. A strange, unnatural world we have found ourselves in, I wonder if humanity will make it out of this.