Attempting Highschool with only Libre Software part 1


The "No Proprietary JS" rule must be dropped, as it is impossible to log in to any of the online "apps" that are provided by the state. Very anti freedom RMS would not be proud. I instead will install noscript and block all that is excess to minimize the amount of proprietary software. Another software, ClassLinks, has also shown up as a sort of cloud VM for applications. A disgusting practice,a proprietary one, and requiring a Google account. This will be most peoples way of running bloated trash for projects and such. I'll opt for native Linux and BSD software. As for password resetting (a ritual for every new year), I will have to sign into Google and then a "launch pad" screen to do so. A ineffective way, and insecure one (passwords are given out by teachers, obviously in plain-text), but something that must be done to use a computer. The closer the start date to all this comes, the more hectic this will get, I believe once the first hump is over, this should smooth out