Attempting Highschool With Only Libre Software Part 2


Spent some time figuring out the systems and mechanisms, logged into my "school portal" using palemoon, as Tor connections were blocked. Most of the applications are propritary when it comes to this, but web-based so it "technically" doesn't violate the rules, but I will still avoid doing using "technically correct software" to keep the spirit of this up. Propritary javascript was required to use the "sign in portal", something absolutely needed to be able anything, so no you cannot go through (at least my) school without using propritary software in some way, but I won't give up and will attempt to get as far as I can. The major issues I can see for now (Schooling hasn't even started) will be getting around Google docs, sheets, and Meet. Meet will likely just be socially avoided to get around, no foss API exists to my knowledge, but Docs and Calc will be subsituited with LaTeX and LibreOffice so that should be fine. Due to Covid-19, partner projects are likely impossible, so using Google Docs will not be required.