Attempting Highschool with only Libre Software part 4


The password problem was solved easily, their system did not like the way I set everything up and decided not to actually change my password. My theory is that their program realized the password change and wrote it to database (hence why the security questions were still intact), but the school has its own password database and it is used to verification instead. Though this is crackpot and I have little clue of how CAS works, but anyway, The school system had decided to implement a rule: To be counted as present you HAVE to log in every hour and stay "in class" for 10 minutes. This is obviously not going to work for me, so I will use developer magic to get around this. Hopefully it goes well. Obviously the method used will be only FOSS software and implemented with only FOSS software. I've already learned a lot about client-server communications with https and JavaScript by working on this. It is also ironic and sad to say that circumvention of "education" is way more educational than The American Schooling System, a funny, but sad reality.