attemptAttempting Highschool With Only Libre Software Part 4


Today is the big opening day, and I will be documenting each of the classes throughout the day, im leaving mid way through excused though so I wont get a proper day in.

1. First period requires all everyone to be seen and present 24/7. Meaning we have to stay in Google Meet (Proprietary, but allowed). This is an obvious violation of privacy and is a disgusting practice. The teacher offers groupme, a privacy violating software, as a means to contact her. Now they're also trying to require Zoom as an alternative to Google Meet. Something that I am ungraciously going to have to accept if it is forced. Of course it will all be in a VM, no doubt in my mind as it is literal Chinese spyware (as opposed to sandboxed American spyware), but its a disgusting practice to force this onto people.

Advisory and 2 went swell, just sitting there listening, a respect for privacy in regards to cameras. Only issue is I might have to use proprietary software for philosophy textbooks, but maybe a PDF will be provided

3 went equally as well, as it is a computer class focusing on Java, no issues besides the needed proprietary software to communicate seem to be arose.

4, 5, 6, and 7 Had to use gmail (proprietary and privacy breaching software) to contact a teacher about not being there due to a dentist appointment, the reliance on a system like then when the schools have their own email server is quite strange

There was a major bandwidth problem will all of this, most of the people who go to this school and are online live in rural, undeveloped areas. This leads to a massive issue where you're downloading 16 uncompressed video feeds that you aren't even watching on 5 MBPS, capped internet and uploading video and audio 0.5 MBPS internet. A major issue that the administration obviously didn't take into account, but do not care to take into account, as they do not need to.