attempting highschool with only libre software part 6


I am noticing a bigger problem than non-freedom respecting software: Tech ineptitude. The state has left everything up to the counties, giving them the order of "open 5 days a week" and just gave funding. This has lead to all counties going at this a different way. Some are sticking with Google Classroom, some have swapped to Schoology, Mine has decided to buy the lisence to a landing page (they already had a landing page), Buy the lisence to Schoology, and come to find out neither are needed as most teachers are sticking with what they know: Google Classroom. Teachers have decided to do constant video calls (in a mostly poor, rural state. The bandwidth cannot take this). This has lead to fracturing of what software to use, some are using Zoom, some are using Google Meet. Its all just the spyware that is most advertized, and the students suffer. Any requests of privacy are given the usual low effort responses: "They know everything about you already" and "Im the teacher, do as I say". I understand that they have no clue whats going on and the implications (I've had to write numerious posts and paragraphs about the dangerious of it). Tests are impossible due to a need for a managed chromebook. I will try to work with teachers on how to get around this issue though, as I had to use a non-free Chromebook today to be able to take a test.I will not give up though, there are ways around this and hopefully by explaining what im doing and why could aid in this project.