Attempting Highschool With Only Libre Software Part 7


This is a compilation of all my notes since the last post.


My brother's music teacher just said everything was a hot mess. they had 70 students that were virtual that went traditional because they were so frustrated. So now they're having to redo all the schedules with a third lunch.

Dang it no. I just have a text telling the students to follow their original schedule for now that there are changes Oliver

I didn't think it was inappropriate I just thought it was funny

~ Anonymous Teacher

Many of the issues stem purely from the internet. Power goes out? You're screwed. School has bandwidth issues? You're screwed. Teacher not trained? You're screwed, and with the truency laws and punishment likely aptly applied, you're screwed if you're poor, you are unlucky, or in an underdeveloped area. What a marvelous world where luck and lack of wealth can now get you arrested. A friend in a land not to far from me (pennsylvania) is having an issue where a teacher just doesn't know how to get into a call, he's suffering for it and not her, but its neither party's fault. Its the state's lack of training. The reason we have to use Schoology was a grant given by beurocrats on taxpayer money to simplify things, but all it did was add another moving part to the broken machine of online education. Tech member's opinions aren't being considered, teachers opinions aren't being considered (especially in the whole risking their lives for a job that can be done at home), parents are being blown off and ignored, and nothing will come of this. At least I can profiteer off a report on this bullshit and maybe expose the stupidity in our modern education system. Best part of all is that most of my time is just sitting here, waiting for the next class. What a great system where 90% of time is down time. I'll log this shit as things go along. Seeing a 70 year old teacher with years of experience fumble with the most basic guis is almost funny, if it wasn't for the fact it is a prime example of the incomeptence of the state's training, management and care.


Some teachers are going rogue and use non-district approved software, as they decide to bare the burden of security (with no security knowledge). Internet issues are abundant. Not being able to log in to tell my teacher I have internet issues really puts me and other people in my situation at a disadvantage, especially with the required 160GB a month video calls people have to do that take up around 75~ KB up and download (for a combined 150 KB per second stream).


a girl complained about doing assignements twice because of the split between schoology and google classroom, zoom is still being used


The school aparently has recieved 2.5 million dollars of funding, asking around for proof and doing private research

My concerns with the internet issue has reached up to the superintendent acording to a teacher, 85% of the data used is video calls. Average of 150 kbps (on my machine) is the internet usage for video calls.


The fact the state has so much control over everyone's lives is so humiliating, work, sleep, eat at their pace or face truency


Jesus this online shit is grating, same in-and-out shit every day. Pattern after Pattern thats unenjoyable, this lack of socalization will eventually start killing people. I'm getting close to my personal limit.

A teacher is claiming that she is getting kicked out by a student in Google meet, I highly doubt this and its likely just the internet, but shes now threatening to put us on Zoom, a different type of invasive, insecure cancer rather than Google meet. I will fight tooth and nail over this.