Does it ever bug anyone that consumerism is a crippling factor of the modern internet? The fact that people are so tied down to products and ways of doing that they'll sacrifice things that they'd normally care about (i.e effectiveness, privacy, functionality, etc) to sick with what they know and consume? Take for instance something simple like a web browser, something easy to swap from and too as most modern web browsers have a way of importing from one to another. No one spends the time or effort into looking for something that's better anymore, even if it will directly benefit them, they'd rather stay with Google Chrome or unriced Firefox and never change. People who might actively denounce or denounce the actions of these companies still use their software and let themselves be spied on. I'm even guilty to this to some degree, I try to use as much libre software as I can, but I can't depart from Discord (mostly due to the fact that other people I know use it and refuse to swap) and wish I could. I'm tempted to one day simply go MIA and just communicate through this blog and through Element.io than by as easily spied on by Discord. Might at least find a front end for Discord or use Matrix's bridging feature to not have to suffer as much.