encouraging others to decentralize the internet


The internet for most people consists of five or six major sites and that's it, usually a search engine, social media, video sharing website, the viewer's propaganda news, and pornography. This was not what the internet should be, it should be a decentralized way of expressing you, your work, and/or your beliefs, Instead people have social media sites dependent on platforms that can axe them at whim, something that has been abused by those in power to oppress dissonance. This centralization would be stopped by anyone rational (usually by not participating in the centralized websites or by creating one of their own), but complacency has given arise to dependence, and it is now strange and irresponsible to not have social media, making you a "weirdo" or "out of date" for not supporting censorship and privacy breaches, so I encourage everyone to take up and make their own website, or if you already have one, encourage others to and maybe explain that social media not needed for "outreach". People will come interested if they see or hear something good via word of mouth, and having a quality website to supply what these people with what you offer would be miles better than being at the whim of an algorithm or a company.