Midwits and Culture


Assessing the modern state of man puts the world in a strange position, where cultural leftism is strong at making dogmatic lines in the sand of good and bad based purely on opinion rather than upon quality argument and the right has abandoned the notion of culture as it is too taboo for the modern world. This had lead to a strange area where the culture is free for everyone who follows it, and harmful for anyone against it, a world where followers are free and leaders are suppressed. Knowledge of this has reinforced my beliefs on culture and the state. That of people needing a unified culture to justify usually egotistically irrational things (i.e in the name of God), but free so those who can look past it all can rise up, oppressive if you choose to be a follower; free if you choose to be free: paleolibertarianism at its finest. Collective good still does not matter to me as I have put myself first and foremost, but to keep people in line and from stomping on the rights of the free, and therefore me, something must be done to keep midwits and followers from stomping their boots upon a free man's property under the grace of another free man looking after himself. This leads to the question of government existing to mediate problems rather than mobilizing the masses, a preferable alternative to me and likely other property owners.

Post Publishing Note: I have made another article on this subject that may clear up my intent when talking of religion, see said article here