Opinion on: The Second Amendment


As like most rightists, the right to bear arms must absolutely be kept in order for a nation to be free and prosperous. If the people of a land are disarmed, a people can never enforce their right with any meaningful way. The only reason diplomacy is successful because the alternative, violence, is unwanted. The second a people are disarmed to a degree that they cannot fight back, a government need not play diplomacy or respect the right of any people as they can no longer fight back. This simple line of reasoning triumphs any justification of public safety, "think of the children", and "your don't need them" arguments by merit of defending all other rights. If a nation is merely to trust a government, it must be a government of angels, but sadly we do not live in that world and must put up with a government of men, and if need be those men should be hung, shot, or otherwise killed for the defense of a free people.