Privacy on the go


In the age of the surveillance state its getting harder and harder to stay free and private. This is especially true when it comes with the most important personal computer of all, the smartphone. These things are your 2 factor auth, where most people keep up with their "social media" (if you are dumb enough to do that), or where they keep most of their personal stuff like chats, IRC clones (i.e Matrix, SMS, Discord, etc), and finances. Its now a social requirement to have these things (something more powerful than any law) and you're intensely disadvantaged if you don't. This is a mighty issue for anyone who cares about their privacy, security, or despises major corporations as to most you have two options: Android or Apple (dumb or dumber) and have to put up with their proprietary nonsense. Though, through initiatives like PinePhone and Librem, this might no longer be the case. These companies treat a phone like what it is, not a glorified toy to waste your time, but a personal computer. So much so that Librem even offers cross compatibility with desktop machines (i.e all downloadable programs aren't some stripped down mobile version, but the exact same thing) to make a user and developer's life easier. I hope to get one of these phones (likely the Librem, due to its fully FOSS nature and cross compatibility despite its price tag.) and use it as a daily driver and encourage anyone to look into these projects to better protect privacy, security, and safety.