Quality, Cheap, Lax VPS: Zomro.net


I've been using Zomro for around a month now as my personal VPS, using it as a host for my Minecraft Server and Seedbox, it has worked wonders and is absolutely a worth the price for power-users and server hosts alike:

Of course, all this is great, but why would I go out of my way to write a review? There's two reasons for this:

  1. The service is genuinely great, and I do suggest anyone interested in server hosting to use it.
  2. The site has an affiliate program for those who suggest the service to to others, 40% off for the person who signs up and one month free of VPS usage for me. My affiliate link is http://zomro.net/?from=262183 or use promo-code zomro_262183

If you need a quality, cheap, and friendly VPS provider Zomro is for you. Help out the small company, take advantage of discounts, and host basically anything you want for dirt cheap and help me out as well. Thanks for reading and happy hosting!