Recycling: Good for the Wallet;Good for the world


Recycling: the new hip thing to do if you vaguely care about the world, want to be trendy, or aren't a wasteful person. The recycling gig (on a macro scale) has seen some success, but really hasn't taken off due to the fact that no one really cares, but there is a good, egotistical, rational reason to recycle (at least with some stuff): Profit. That is right, profit is a great motivator for recycling. Do you have empty bottles lying around? Use them to store water or change. Got old tech lying around? Give it to some tech nerd or sell it on a market place. Got wasted food you don't like wasting? Start composting and maybe investing in getting a garden. The more you reuse the more you save, if you can turn uneaten food into more food or old laptops into a chunk of change then its an over all good thing. I am very suprised more people do not take this approach to life and rather put something in a closet or throw it out when its plenty good.