Schooling while only using FOSSware


The average American highschooler is subject to proprietary, freedom violating, privacy invasive software on a daily basis. Rather he likes it or not his identity is logged, stored, and then given more defining data as he goes through his life, making it difficult to not be tracked while getting the federally required public education (something that could be said to violated an American's implied right to privacy, but likely has yet to be challenged). I'm going to try to break this norm and for an entire year and only use libre (i.e MIT, Unlicense, BSD, GPL licensed) tools. This will all be ran in a 100% free VM using Debian only with free packages and if needed, ChromiumOS. I will use said VM for uploading, -cli tools, and talking to others using only free software whenever possible. I won't do everything in the VM if it can be done more comfortably and with no non-free packages (firmware/drivers wont count) on my computer. I.e if I write something on vim on my hardware and send it to my VM to upload, that's fine, but if I write something on my computer that requires something non-free, I cannot upload it. Proprietary servers will not count, as this would be impossible to get around. However, obscufated JS will count and LibreJS should be used. If it is ever a point that I must install something proprietary and there is no possible way around it, I will announce it and consider the challenge failed. Testing software will likely be the culprit of this if it does end up happening. I will be documenting all of this and eventually forming it into a video as time goes on, interested to see the results of it.