Analyzing A Culture of Failure

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People who cannot stand on their own with confidence in their ability are a type of self-defeating failure. These people are those who reject skill, downplay accomplishment, and then have the crab mentality to pull down those who are confident. They are the type of person who makes fun of someone being knowledgeable or skilled. They usually have accomplished nothing of note themselves. These sorts of parasitic people are incapable of even the most basic tasks that require even minimal amounts of skill due to a rejection of self-improvement in favor of self-deprecation. These people are failures to themselves and others as this self-deprecating mentality spreads. These sorts of behaviors have likely been seen before if you're in any way socially active, They may take the form of stoners, brute hedonists, the irrational, or other forms of personal degenerates. There is an archetype of person who, rather than respecting someone's skill and maybe offering proper critique of a work, would rather tear down a man for being proud in his ability in concept. These sorts of poisonous people see anyone willing to talk even moderately highly of themselves and otherwise deviate from the social norm of [self-deprecation]{.underline} as evil and must be socially thwarted. Oddly enough, this gives rise to a form of arrogance (not confidence, but arrogance) where they rationalize being the way they are and see themselves in a position of moral superiority because they enable failure. They justify this, ironically enough, by calling others "arrogant" and they need to "come down to Earth". While this seems humble at first, these people are after blood and wish to make sure that the successful man is as glazed over, unskilled, and as lazy as he is. Whats worse yet is this sort of mentality isn't an uncommon one. People don't usually laugh at these people or simply ignore their attention seeking laze, but rather enable with following snide remarks and marches towards degeneracy in a pursuit of being socially acceptable. This type of behavior has become an almost dominant archetype among the fatherless and cultures of the weak. This mentality festers among the emotionally stunted, unskilled, lazy, or otherwise weak population. These people punish greatness rather than seeking it and are generally loathsome for any good minded person.

The Morally Superior, Down to Earth gentleman scolding the arrogant and evil on the internet.

Why do these people come about?

I do believe that the rise of emotionally positive, feedback loop, time sinks (such as vapid social media, video games, and [hug-boxes]{.underline}) have contributed towards the rise in this population. Before the mass use of computers, these sorts of people would be relegated to circles of failure like drug users, gamblers, and sex addicts, but the internet and its new-found power to bring people together (and waste more time) has allowed these sorts of people to find each other, enable each other, invade spaces where this mentality would not have otherwise existed, and collectively waste the gift of sentience given to them. These people never really garner any form of tangible skills or confidence due to their time wasting and anti-productivity way of thinking. If they ever do get fame or recognition, it's usually due to a one-trick-pony sort of ordeal. Essentially, if you know someone like this who is in any way "popular", it's likely that chance has blessed them rather them them being skilled. These people very much can survive with their crab mentality, but, unless they're around equally terrible people, they're not going to enjoy who they're around. Thus, the anti-success culture is born out of these improperly socialized festering wounds finding each other and, if these people end up getting to someone malleable, they could create more of their own archetype by means of tearing down those with confidence.

What should be done about these people?

Sadly, most of these people are set in their ways. They won't budge and won't recognize what they're doing. They don't care about being better people or even considering that someone's skill and confidence could be a productive or otherwise good thing. They rather tear people down and have that be their life's goal. However, if someone can be found quick enough to be molded into a better position, then that should be done. I am no psychologist and I am certainly not a therapist, but I must say that those with this sort of mentality have never been in a mentally healthy position. If they can be set straight they should be, if they can't, for your own sake, run as far as possible. These people are nothing to appreciate and everything to scorn and their behavior should be pointed out so that no more people fall prey to this miserable existence.