How To Bridge Matrix And Discord

One of the highlighting features of the Matrix is that it busts The Networking Effect. This means that, in laymans terms, Matrix has the ability to bridge the strangehold that platforms have on their users. A Matrix user can talk to an IRC and Discord user at the same time, in the same chat room with relative ease. On top of this, Matrix can act as a medium of communication for different services and protocals. Matrix can be a bridge between IRC and Discord if need be.

To acomplish this though, there is a little bit of set up. The set up requires little to no technical skill and can easily be understood using simple instructures though. The only requirements are access to a Matrix account running the Element Client and administrator permissions on a Discord Server. The bot used to bridge is the Discord-Matrix Bridge Bot.

The Process:

  1. Create a room in Matrix.
  2. Click the Room Info icon (circle with a lower case i in the top right corner).
  3. Click Invite to this room.
  4. type into the text box and click invite
  5. Once this is complete, invite the Discord bridge bot and make sure to give said bot all permissions requested.
  6. After the bot is invited, you should use the browser tab you used to obtain the bot as a Discord client and navigate to the Discord channel you wish to bridge.
  7. Note the URL of the Discord channel you wish to bridge. In the address bar there should be a URL like
  8. Return the Matrix room you wish to bridge and type the flilowing in: !discord bridge ServerID ChannelID.
  9. The bridge will ask for confirmation from the Discord server's admins to complete the bridge. Once approved, bridging should be operational.

If you run into any issues, re-run through the steps again. If there is still a problem, contact the bot developers for help at