Car Wrecks As Enemy Factories

Now you see, if you that Sedan on the right just moved into the 4th dimension exactly 3 seconds before, he would have never gotten into the wreck!

Ever been in a car wreck? If you haven't then you're either too young to even read this piece (please go and enjoy your childhood) or you're incredibly lucky. For those who are lucky (or those children who find reading prose in shitty fonts fun), don't have a wreck, it is an enemy factory.

An Enemy Factory?

We know what an enemy is and we know what a factory is. It should go without saying, but for the children in the audience, an enemy factory is a factory that produces enemies. Car crashes are not factories, they are actions, verbs if you will, that have no corporial form. However, not having a corporial form, to the infinite seething of all materialists, does not exclude one from effecting the world. Car crashes, as abstract concepts, create enemies in the same way a factory creates product. Factories in take material and output produce. Car crashes intake otherwise neutral people and output enemies.

In laymans terms, Car crashes create enemies between otherwise netural people. Of course, if you had a car crash, you were likely angry but held no vitriol for the other person (if you do, hopefully it's justified and I am sorry the situation happened). However, the law and insurance teams do a great job of turning people from usual human forgiveness to feeling of hatred and rage at the situation.

The factory's goods

The nature of this hatred depends on the crash victim in question (there's always victims in car crashes, there are no true perpitrators on a grand scale). If you got into a crash and the insurance and cops ruled in your favor, then you'll feel like justice has been served against the bad evil-dooer who crashed into you. You have been inconviencend out of a car, out of some time, had to run the risk of being the bad evil-dooer yourself, and likely had a trip to the hospital if it was a worse-than-normal accident. An otherwise normal person making a human mistake that you likely contributed to went from a flawed individual that you could forgive to a costly burden on your life that you rationalize into being evil for their actions. No sympathy has been granted as car crashes are an amazing way of turning an otherwise neutral person into a member of the outgroup due to the fact that said person was involved in ruining your fragile connection to "civilized society".

This "evilification" is even worse if you're on the defensive and have lost. If you happened to be ruled against by the cops and insurance, you would be furious. They didn't see how the laws were against you (they likely are) and how you did your due dilligence (you likely did given your human state). They could never see it form your point of view and get the story accurately. This, of course, was then all made worse by you being forced to pay (or vicariously pay) the other party for something they contributed to! Now, you're stuck with the full front of paying for a car, the other person's hospital bills (if they have them), possibly a ticket, higher insturance, and if you're unlucky enough to be a legal dependent, Only God can help you from the anger and fury that your caretakers have in store for you. No mercy shown, you are now the antagonist because of your flawed human nature, misunderstanding of one of the thousands of road laws, or some other circumstance that wasn't entirely within your control.

This evilification process makes people willing to do more in the pursuit of self interest. If the situation was bad enough, laweyers may get involved, people will tell fibs to insurance to make sure they don't pay as much, people will rant and rave about the evils of a person they didn't even know. They'll swear hatred upon their tribe and ill upon their families because two people happened to make a bad mistake at the wrong time. Maybe the other side really is less innocent, maybe they're not, but the consequences in the form of searing hatred for another person you don't know is real. This wasn't an issue in the past as you would have never crossed paths in the first place.

Shutting down the factory

So, we've realized that this factory is a factory of evil and turns people against people and turns parents against their children, what ought to be done? Well, if it wasn't obvious for those who know a thing or two about me, we avoid cars and roads like the deadly plague they are. Move out rural, live in a small town, don't even own a car if possible. If you're a bit of a technophile, maybe get into the industry of working from home. However, this advice is advice that takes years to implement. I haven't even implemented most of the advice here fully, but I wish to. For something more immediate, and for the young Zoomers like myself in the audience, take that boomer parent advice to heart. No, not the infinite "you shoulds" that are impossible, but rather the "what you can learn" from the situation. Old boomers are wrong about plenty, but staying alive on a road is generally one thing they're right about. They do it all the time because of their insane job choices. Despite all their insane advice and tendencies, there is probably good kernels of truth somewhere in that flawed, credit card debt having wisdom. Also, for more Zoomer-to-Zoomer advice, if at all possible, minimize time on the road. You can't be in a car crash if you're not driving (or at least in one where you're at fault). If you do get into a crash, don't expect sympathy from caretakers, police, or anyone who has to pay for you, just try to find emotional solice in friends. Also don't pay for tickets, instead wait for the court date and show up, you might get a reduction on your sentence. It's always worth a try.