Rightist Disallusion With Democracy

The left is absolutely and utterly correct about the fact that the election and subsequent presidency of Donald J. Trump and the election allegations against Joe Biden were a sign of a decaying democracy and the right's disillusion with it. Of course, they put it in a pea-brained fashion as to hit on certain emotional trigger words that'll rile the public up: They'd call Trump a fascist and compare him to Hitler when, in reality, he wasn't that autocratic, but he certainly did have the traits of an undemocratic leader. This was especially the case with the multi-month long shitshow that was the accusations of election fraud. The end result was dubious at best as nothing really came of the accusations and investigations (at lesat by the public's eye, the mainstream has their opinions). To this day, there's still battles over the issue in regards to Dominion voting systems. Though, to not be the "cringe fact-checker", I would like to state that the result of the election doesn't matter and the anti-democratic seeds have already been planted either in truth or valuable fiction.

The Conservative Cope

Much of the conservative to radical-right leaning people would like to parrot the idea that they're fighting for "Democracy" against the evil Joe Biden. Some, foolishly, actually believe this narrative too. What's really happening is that the right is trying to play the left's emotional appeal of "defending muh democracy" to advance their agenda. The culture of democracy being synonymous with good is one that has lead to poisoned discussion where the Democrats (and some progressive leftists) drum on about "democracy" and "representation" while ignoring major groups of the nation and giving ham-fisted, forced, and otherwise unnatural solutions to problems that involve aggressive expansion of the state and the mixing of culture. The Republicans (and some those would deem as "alt-right") drum on about "justice" and "democracy" and how they're saviors against the evil Joe Biden when in reality they are just clinging onto what little there is left of the American tradition and the set of ideas that go with it in a desperate hope to keep the American Republic both American and a Republic. If you removed the flowery language that surrounds much of politics, you'd understand that the Democrats are a tactical group attempting to secure as much policy power as possible (through highly populist policy and appeals to minorities). Given the Democrats (and most of "the left" in general's) highly effective mode of operating and the right's current losing streak, there is no wonder why the right is so willing to say "fuck it" in regards to democracy and pursue an alternative, possibly populist, path.

The Solution for Conservatives

The whole "muh election fraud" narrative must be dropped as soon as possible. Trump should be abandoned as a rallying man as it is quite keen that he wasn't the savior that people would have hoped for. He may be less bad than the others, but in reality he's still an equally slimy conman who has paved the way for future administrations to use the executive to force ideological will. The Rightist movement needs a massive restructuring to assert itself in opposition to the modern state of America and the one of the first moves should be telling the truth: The right doesn't care about preserving democracy. That's a fine position to have, but that position must be refined and made into something of actual value rather than a simple cold fact that allows ineffective, democratically elected conman to abuse it for personal gain.


The fraud narrative is a democratic cope for losing the democratic game, so instead of trying to find flaws in the democratic game that's rigged against you, how about you abandon the game altogether and create something of actual value that will rebirth a tradition or re-find what we need. The right needs a new narrative to be able to survive the modern times and clinging onto the corpse of American democracy is not the way to do it. Abandon what's bad; keep what's good, found a new method of civil, economic, social, political, and governmental society, and talk openly and honestly about it. If we end up still a democracy, hopefully this time this democracy wont allow for the erosion of our nation. If we don't, hopefully the position we will be in will be one of value. The only way we can find positions of value is to be honest, be truthful, and discuss amoungst ourselves on what to do. Abandon ideas that are bad, find similar thinkers, invite even the most radical of folk to talk openly so long as they share the same concerns, prepare for what is to come, and make sure to watch your back. If honesty in debate, abandonment of power politics, supporting of open thinking, and a willingness for the radical aren't at the front and center of rightist politics, we will fail and our nation will fall into tyranny with us. The material nihilism and cultural decay that will take root in our nation if no push back happens will lead to the breakdown of our traditions, our cultural values, our rights, and, eventually, us as people. If you are in any way concerned, it's time to start doing something rather than waving a fist in the air every time some "cringe leftist" posts a bad take on Twitter. Discuss amoungst your fellow people, try not to be scornful and hostile, but do disagree if you believe there are problems. If someone is utterly unreasonable, then simply do not engage. Find compromises between rightist political ideas as to build strength, introduce your ideas to others, introduce solutions you think of, and, most of all, create community if there is none. Found local groups for thinking and action in the locale, create community ties, support local institutions you believe are worth supporting, and fight for causes that are mutually beneficial. Organization is the only effective means to find a better truth for our people.