The Left-Right Divide: A Radical Solution

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Flag of the larpers radical solution

As it currently stands, the United States of America is a shambling mass of cultures, political positions, classes, and economic opinions. All of these groups are in a desperate bid for power and control over the nation. This sort of power-hungry politics has manifested itself in the perceived divide in American politics in where the left and right are at each others throats in all issues. Both are reactionary in the primitive sense to one another, the left acts, the right reacts, the left reacts, the right reacts. This focus-spiral that has formed undermines the political ability of both sides in pursuing policy as both sides are more interested in power rather than politics; the left and right's reactionary actions are focused on obtaining and sustaining power more than anything. These observations have been seen by the radical ends of both the left and right as the alternative right and extreme right rejects the mainstream right in pursuit of its own goals and the radical left does much the same to their own groups.

Isolated Extremism

Much like any alternative or contrarian worldview that exists, it is isolated in power when compared to the mainstream worldview. The extremes of leftism and rightism (along with other tangential ideologues such as primitivism, libertarianism, anarchism, and monarchism) are isolated from their conventional allies due to their extremist status[1]. This has largely left many of those who are radical in positions of utter dismay. They have no power, they have no voice, and they have no choice. No election will bring about Anarchism, no election will bring about Communism, no election will bring about Aristocracy and no election will ever bring about Primitivism. No idea that is alternative will ever be brought about through the means of the electoral process as the radical is in a minority status compared to a majority who are political uninformed or otherwise uncaring. No radical group will ever take control of any land and exercise any sovereignty while the status quo's apparatus exists. If any substantial ideological movement was made that hurt the United States' grasp on power was ever given the right to exist by any group at all, that group would be Waco'd out of existence if they didn't heed to the tyrant's rules, thus undermining the entire "independence" aspect. If an anarchist-commune or a primitivist village of note ever cropped up and refused to pay the ridiculous taxes and fees that came with laying claim to land they own or refused to follow foolish laws drafted by incompetent leaders they don't recognize, then their population will be terrorized by the state until all of them are dead, in jail, or have otherwise dispersed. In the current state of the nation, radicals neither have voice or choice when it comes to pushing their ideas. They only have "personal choices". These choices are insignificant in the grander scheme of the world[2] and won't bring about any substantial change unless those personal choices are mimicked by the majority of the population (something that would be difficult at best).

Capitalizing on this issue

While the extreme left and radical right are, in most circumstances, total and utter opposites of one another, there are multiple shared commonalities between that are worthy of note.

  1. The extreme left and extreme right, by nature of their extremism, are antithetical to the current power system in the United States of America.
  2. The extreme left and extreme right are both in need of alliances that could bring about their vision of the world.
  3. The extreme left and extreme right are both desperate for change.

The extremes of both sides see great problems with our status quo, very much for different reasons, but none the less wish to destroy what currently is. Due to this, an alliance between all forms of extremism for the sole purpose of supporting a provisional government's founding seems to be the most effective way of bringing about a future that most people can agree upon.[3]. Such alliance wouldn't be pretty, or even civil in most cases as everyone hates each other, but it'd be effective in conglomerating enough manpower and collectivized IQ to be able to stand a higher chance than separated. This alliance need not be one front either, it could be a decentralized and distribute set of political bodies that all organize for the pursuit of undoing the status quo. Such a system would only need arms-length communication with one another and wouldn't really have to ask the beliefs of those they are fighting with any further than "they wish to destroy what I want to".

What about the aftermath?

To put it simply, it won't be pretty. Once the great enemy is dissolved and the provisional government is formed, there would be a desperate need for fixing the nation as to make is sustainable. If the leaders of the provisional government are corrupt and unchecked, they will simply grab power and end up making a tyrannical state worse than the one before, but this time a different flavor of ideologue. If the men in power are instead modest and diversified in their beliefs, it'd be one insane show of dividing borders, setting up laws, and managing restrictions to divide the nation up on borders and lines that are political, economically, and culturally desirable. This will likely cause tensions and problems too as the borders will most likely be artificial. Though, in an unlikely and ideal case, I wish for the following to happen: The nation goes through the process of redrawing borders, separating political bodies, and recognizing independence of communities as usual, but with much more local involvement. The locale will always take precedence over the power above it as to prevent Empires from being carved out in the nation. Once a satisfactory map of the American continent is made, an agreement for travel with limited restrictions between the newfound states is established. On top of this, a congress of representatives from each state will be picked purely for the purpose of managing disputes internally and working to unify an army in case of battle. Said army will have one elected military commander from the congress who will have absolute authority to use the military for protection of the union from outsiders alone. Internal disputes, revolts, and other affairs will not be recognized as reasonable use of power. This congress has no power to legislate. This sort of system is very much a draft and mimics the old Articles of confederation, but is a starting point that should be picked apart. One thing must be certain though: the independence and sovereignty of each state from another is absolutely mandatory as to obtain a sustainable Disunited Confederacy of America that respects economic, political, and cultural differences.


This is especially true with how aggressively anti-extremist the media has become in its display of rejection. As the Right has been much more vocal and violent recently (Occupy Whitehouse), this is where the media's spotlight has been. Though, this doesn't mean that the media won't work against the extreme left either, the George Floyd riot's gentrification by companies and poor media coverage along with the Occupy Wallstreet movement's slandering and co-opting are also quite note-worthy counter-actions that have been preformed by the status quo.

This discounts individual choices that inspire others, as these sorts of choices are a form of praxis that undermines the status quo. If these people ever became a threat to challenging the status quo these actions would subsequently be suppressed by governmental or status-quo sympathizing groups. Though, you should always make choices that fall in line with what you or your tribe believes is right or wrong. A Communist who consooms is a fraud and a primitivist that doesn't at least try to mitigate the effects of technology on his life is one too. This is not the case if someone is making active efforts.

Seldom ever will you truly meet a politically active and knowledgeable person who is content with the structure of The United States as it currently stands. If they are content with what is happening, they'd have to be blind, deaf, ignorant, dumb, evil, or a mix of all five traits as to find the post-modern world pleasing. The freshest of takes on our society comes from the non-propagandized radicals who push politics into the next age and study the philosophy about why they are doing these things, not the meandering American "conservative" or American "liberal" whos only question is if the topical subject of low tax rates, legal abortion, or transsexual bathrooms is good or not. Due to this, it seems that the average person, rather they are a voter or not, is uncaring about politics. They genuinely do not care about the inter workings of a government, ideologue, whats good, or even whats bad. All they care about is stability for what they value. In turn, this means that, after a population has been detoxed from propaganda, they will not care what mode of government is in place so long as it works. The perception currently is that "America works" (though that is actively being undone with time), thus nothing has happened in terms of regime changes.