Tribler - Free, Anonymous torrenting

For those of you without the money for a VPN, you can always use Tribler. Tribler is a torrent client that routes your downloads through other users and exit nodes as to allow you to anonymously download torrents. The structure works similar to tor and thus it provides a layer of anonymity that should protect you against copyright trolls. You are rewarded for seeding and offering data space with "network tokens" that, if you have a high amount of, will give you preferential treatment in the network. The program also integrates user-curated torrent aggregation as to further increase usability and decentralization. Users may import their own torrents without any hassle either and even create their own public torrent collections for others to browse and download from. The program has become my main torrent client hence forth due to its low costs, high decentralization, and ease of use.

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