This is a page dedicated to the general study of culture, from literary archetypes, to trends, to musical genres, to internet constructs and zeitgeists. Compared to the philosophical and political works I usually do, which usually finds itself justified through unscientific observation, argumentation, and light evidence, these articles will be justified through case-study, observation, pseudo-psychology, and pure schizoposting. Nicheness in topic, requirements of cultural context (which hopefully I can provide), along with the necessitation of being in the cultural upstream (read: being terminally online) should be expected.

Of note, I will do my damnedest to keep politics out of these articles directly. While all things humans touch are subject to the ebbs and flows of socio-politics, linking media and politics together directly is a type of tackiness that should have worn thin when the Millennial generation did it. I, as a representative of the Zoomer generation, don’t wish to torture people with the same hell that the Millennials put everyone through. Interporating the real world through the fake world is gay, and if politics does come up, we should be interpreting the fake world through the real world instead!

Along with this, I wish to study the relationship people have to tangible things that are in some way corrupted. These days our relationship with most of what we interact with is built off abstractions of understanding that simply do not match up with how reality can sustainabily work.

Internet Subcultures

On the subject of the cliques and groups that run the internet culturally. This usually focues on the more niche issues, and interesting patterns of behavior within them. If you wish for the latest drama, go to kiwifarms for that instead.

How to Make a Successful Cyber-Ethos

🕓Reading Time: 13 Minute Read

🗓️Publish Date: Mar 27, 2023

🗒️Summary: A cyber-ethos is, effectively, what most people would refer to as a community on the internet. It is a collective of people on the internet who are contributing to one, centralized internet culture that puts it apart from other internet cultures. Classic examples would be the SCP Foundation, general 4chan culture, and the various deep iFunny communities. For those engrossed in internet memetics, such as myself, these cyber-ethoses serve as the cultural upstream from which most of the internet deviates from.


The internet has done a good job at letting story go beyond books and other classical literature. Now, we have video series, video games, and digital literature to deliver us tales, fiction or non-fiction, about the world or worlds people create. This section will discuss these tales, and interesting patterns within them.


Original content and fictional writing. Lacks the concreteness of other works on this site.