My Personal Dictionary

A collection of words and phrases that I, in some way, find useful.

Mundanae Ruina

Definition: Translates from Latin to English as “collapse of the mundane”. This term is used to describe the current state of affairs where the very mundane, but also important, aspects of our civlization are decaying or collapsing. Boring things like the housing market, western birth rates, fertilizer prices, and oil/gas distribution all consitute mundane topics few people care about that have large impact on society.

Yet again, I am reminded of Mundane Ruina as it applies to our world when we look at the US total fertility rate by state. While it’s now “pwning the libs”, it’s still important and will lead to turmoil in the future if left unchecked.

The New Age Orthodoxy

Definition: “The contemporary, as of current year, religion that dominates much of European-influenced society. The New Age Orthodoxy is a mix of the pragmatic authority and dogma of The Cathedral. Synonymous with other right-wing perception of "the man". Sometimes shortened to "The Orthodoxy" for convienence, but should be avoided due to the existence of the Orthodox Catholic Church.”

…However, as to stay (relatively) brief, on topic, and not be reprimanded for heresy against the New Age Orthodoxy by mentioning a certain former Berkeley Mathematics professor in a positive context, it should be noted that dependency on technology is not a viable solution…


Latin: Dolus Bellus

Definition: Translates from Latin to English as “Deceitful Cuteness”. Used to describe people, objects, or events that attempt to be cutesy to cover up a macabre reality.

The Discord partnership acceptance emails is riddled with Dolsabellus writing.

The "Half-Life" Effect

Definition: A phenomenom where a piece of media that is deemed "foundational" to its genre is boring, cliche, or otherwise unappealing due to most future entries to that genre taking a lot from it. Coined "The Half-Life Effect" because playing Half-Life 2 in the modern era is incredibly boring and formuleic because most games took after it post-release.

Man, I played Half-Life 2 the other day and it did NOT live up to the hype. The game was incredibly boring and felt like every other shooter. It's probably the Half-Life effect kicking in.

A-Turrgey'd (ATRGTI)

A pronouncable version of the acronym A.T.R.G.T.I: And then, Reddit got to it. Used to display disappointment and loathing with the site Reddit (or similar platforms) finding, and subsequently ruining, a beloved topic.

Man, those "Iceberg" charts were pure kino for the horror scene, but then it got A-Turrgey'd. Now all I see is these stupid "MARIO 64 ICEBERG EXPLAINED" videos made by grifters appealing to Redditors.