Quality Works

A collection of works by others I deem as quality enough to share



WARNING: Under no circumstances should you in any way use any audio ripping and downloading application (such as youtube-dl) to download these playlists. It is legally imperative (as it pertains to 2021 copyrigh law) that you never run youtube-dl (or other audio ripping service) with any flags for sound quality optimization as this may be a higher violation of copyright law (as more data is being downloaded). You have been warned to NEVER partake in any form of internet piracy now that you know about these links and any actions you take is your own and entirely your own. I am not a lawyer this is not legal advice. Footnotes
  1. All CC licensing allows for free distribution of copies of the work for personal use. The magnet link has more than just the CC licensed works and it is legally imperative that you don't download those.