All of the following scripts were made by me (or partially by me) and are wrote in Bash. Most are realatively simple and don't do much as of now, but you are free to take them. All scripts provided that are under the "small scripts" secton are licensed under the CC0. These are permissively licensed due to the fact that most are under 100 lines and not worth licensing under a copyleft license. Anything deemed larger will be labeled a "big script" and thus will be licensed under the GNU GPL V3.

All files are stored as text to allow uploading, readability, and ease of editing. Convert them to .sh (or your OS' equivalent) to run. All require a POSIX shell to be ran.

Small Scripts


A script that deploys my rss and media setup. Uses yt-dlp, newsboat, and task-spooler to accomplish this. Made for apt-based systems, specifically Debian.

Test Latency

Feed it a set of urls and it will ping them, and then order them from lowest to highest ping. Good for finding mirrors.

Change Wallpaper

Uses the python program wal to update terminal colors and wallpaper. This program then saves the name of the wallpaper's location to a temporary file for later use.


A looping daemon that runs changewallpaper every 15 minutes.


A script that will delete the current wallpaper set by change wallpaper and then change it. This is meant to be used with slidepaper and changewallpaper as to filter out unwanted wallpapers.

Peertube To Torrent

Turns peertube links into torrent files.

Youtube to

forged from the struggle of remembering invidious' URL. Plop a link in, get one back out.